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Advantages of infoUg Shopping Mall

Why Online Shopping now?

Internet has revolutionized the way shopping is done. Because of the numerous advantages of shopping online, more and more people, these days, prefer online shopping over conventional shopping- world over and it is now coming to Uganda. There are many reasons why we think buying on the internet is the best option and you too may need to consider it SOON.

Why is infoUg considering Online Shopping Mall?

At infoUg , we are soon launching Uganda's first fully operational online shopping mall, listing some of your favorite shopping brands (stores, supermarkets, boutiques, restaurants, furniture stores, hardware stores etc) both big and small. We believe business is no longer "product-centric" nor  "price-centric" but has changed to become CUSTOMER CENTRIC. World over, businesses, especially in the retail sector, are all about how to serve and satisfy customers needs better.

We also believe that not every business can afford or should invest in owning an online front shop. This is because of the many challenges that come with designing, owning, developing, promoting and later alone managing one. However since we are convinced that almost every business needs a form of internet presence to remain competitive in this changing world, a shopping mall idea is perfect. Here all costs and technical dynamics are well kept in check, and this in turn gives every business owner an opportunity to focus on their core business as the online presence is handled by professional.

That is why at infoUg , as it is our mission "to bridge your information gap", we are always building our products and services to offer you, our users and partners, the best form of convenience, easy access, reliability, timesaving and cost effective, 24hr online information services. This infoUg Shopping Gateway is to be located at; www.shopping.infoUg .com with the following goals::

            - to meet all shopping information needs for our users

            - to enhance business to customer communication for our listing partners

.           - to offer the most effective and best ROI for our advertisers.

            - to give every infoUg listed partner an opportunity to have an internet presence at a very cost effective cost with efficient, reliable and quality customer service and more.

We discussed earlier, our top 11Top reasons why online shopping is coming to change and upgrade your shopping convenience, however we would like to advise that whenever you are buying from an online store, make sure that you check out the following;

  • Does the online store value your privacy and confidentiality? Do they have a privacy policy
  • What is the listed business brand reputation? Are they reputed in business with great reviews from customers?
  • Does the online store offer a way they can be contacted?
  • If you’re unhappy with your purchase, do they have a refund /return policy?

If you take care of the above, Online shopping can be a very rewarding experience.             

Any other reasons why you would prefer shopping online to real conventional shopping? Please feel free to pass them on to us by sending your comments to; shopping@infoUg .com .

At infoUg , we are saying;

                                …..It’s time to upgrade your shopping convenience…….

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